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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items, ADVISORY, GA

May 17, 2019


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for his weekend - May 18-19, 2019.

Moving Saturday


ELLIJAY, Ga. _ A north Georgia community has come up with a unique approach to emergency medicine. WABE Radio reports that Gilmer County residents were concerned about three years ago. That’s when the local hospital prepared to close. The emergency room opened about a year after the old hospital closed its doors. WABE reports that it’s among the first of its kind in the region.

Information from WABE Radio. UPCOMING: 300 words.

Moving Sunday


ATLANTA _ A Georgia woman has opened a gender-neutral children’s clothing store in Atlanta’s Kirkwood neighborhood. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the children’s unisex clothing store is among the first of its kind. Mini Friday sells clothes for children between the ages of 24 months and 8 years.

Information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UPCOMING: 300 words.

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Moving Saturday


CARROLLTON, Ga. _ Lord knows how many times in the 113-year-old history of the University of West Georgia that students have picnicked, played Frisbee or casually walked across a small, grassy plot of land in the middle of the campus. The school west of Atlanta was once the home of Thomas Bonner, one of the 19th century’s largest Carroll County slaveholders. In 1906, the former Bonner Plantation was turned over to the state where it eventually became the core of what today is the university. Few visible remnants of the plantation remain, most notably the Bonner House, which serves as the university’s welcome center. But recent archaeological tests suggest the long-forgotten remains of Bonner’s slaves might be buried here.

By Ernie Suggs. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Moving Sunday


RICHMOND HILL, Ga. _ On any given week, Richmond Hill drivers can spot Zach Martin sitting near the railroad tracks off Ford Avenue. The 20-year-old is known in the community as “The Choo Choo Inspector,” and is often seen waving at trains as they go by. He’s also autistic. So when community members heard that he had never been to a birthday party, it was only right that they threw him a party on National Train Day earlier this month.

By Brittini Ray. The Savannah Morning News.