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Joey, Amy in the Spotlight Again

November 14, 1993

NEW YORK (AP) _ Now that the Bobbitts have stepped out of the spotlight, Joey and Amy are ready to step back in.

Joey Buttafuoco - auto body shop owner, comic fodder and admitted statutory rapist - returns to court Monday for sentencing.

Waiting will be Amy Fisher - ″Long Island Lolita,″ made-for-TV movie source, jailed shooter of Joey’s wife.

Both will face a media horde at the hearing where Fisher - as the victim in this case - is allowed to speak before sentencing. The 19-year-old will speak for five or 10 minutes, her lawyer said Friday.

″This is the final step in this whole story,″ said attorney Philip Catapano. ″She wants to get it behind her. But she wants to make a comment about what happened, make a comment about the sentencing.″

It is their first meeting since before the shooting. Buttafuoco did not attend Fisher’s December 1992 sentencing.

After Fisher speaks before Nassau County Court Judge Jack Mackston, Buttafuoco faces up to six months in prison, five years probation and a $5,000 fine. If he gets the maximum, Buttafuoco, 37, could be out in four months.

The prosecution agreed to take no position on the sentencing. Mary Jo Buttafuoco pleaded last week on TV for no jail time.

Buttafuoco, after 1 1/2 years of denials, reversed field last month and admitted in court: ″On July 2, 1991, I had sexual relations with Amy Fisher at the Freeport Hotel.″ The plea resolved the rape case over his affair with the then 16-year-old.

Buttafuoco has kept a low profile since then, with one exception - he and Mary Jo visited a Manhattan party for raunchy radioman Howard Stern’s book ″Private Parts.″

Fisher is on a court-ordered low profile, serving a five- to 15-year prison term for shooting Mrs. Buttafuoco.

After his guilty plea, Buttafuoco’s fame faded at the expense of those Virginia headline makers, the battling Bobbitts. Husband John was acquitted this week of sexually assaulting his wife, Lorena, who faces trial Nov. 29 for slicing off his penis.

But the sentencing brings back the now familiar tale told in three made- for-TV movies, an instant book, a comic book and the various talk shows. It all started when Buttafuoco had an affair with Fisher in July 1991.

Fisher, bent on clearing the way for her life with Joey, rang the Buttafuocos’ front door bell on May 19, 1992, and shot Mary Jo in the head, authorities said.

Fisher pleaded guilty to assault, but insisted she had an affair with Joey, who claimed it never happened. Joey repeated his story to Mary Jo, to police, to prosecutors, to the judge, to anyone who’d listen.

The truth came out after Buttafuoco blanched at allowing a blood test and a physical exam. The tests could have backed up two of Fisher claims: That Joey gave her herpes, and that he had a mole on his inner thigh.

The story is less than sidesplitting - which didn’t stop Madonna from parodying Sinead O’Connor by shredding Joey’s picture on ″Saturday Night Live.″ Or Al Gore from giggling that his Secret Service alias was ″Buttafuoco.″ Or - best of all - a local radio farce called ″Beavis and Buttafuoco.″

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