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Drought-Stricken Farmers Asked, ‘Just How Dry Is It?’ With AM-Drought Rdp

July 12, 1988

MADISON, Wis. (AP) _ In this year’s Midwest drought, a farm newspaper found no shortage of dry wit when it asked its readers, ″How dry is it?″

Blair Sawall of Clintonville said it was so dry that a certain snack food company offered to buy his corn curls - right out of the ground.

Dave Stowell of Burlington said his sweet corn was growing so deep in search of moisture that the roots were being trimmed by a fellow farmer - in Australia.

They were among more than 100 farm readers responding to the question posed by the Wisconsin State Farmer newspaper as the Midwest suffered through its most severe dry spell in years.

John Naparalla of Neshkoro said it was so dry that the creek was squeaking as it rounded the bends and the spawning carp got sunburned.

On a similar theme, Lloyd Kirsch of Gillett said it was so dry that the baby frogs reached 4 months old and hadn’t learned to swim.

And Alan Cihlar of Mosinee said it was so dry that even the dam-building beavers were joining farmers in applying for state water diversion permits.

Becky Kuehnel of Newton reported it was so dry there that:

-Cattle exports are up, but so are camel imports;

-No water spaniels were born this year;

-And the futures market has a new category - dried beef.

A number of northern Illinois readers were also among the respondents.

For example, W.J. Hollad of Tiskilwa, Ill., reported his fields were so parched that the milkweed went dry, the quack grass quit quacking and the coffee weed wasn’t making any coffee.

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