Parks and neighborhoods must be made safe

August 6, 2018

I have been going to the Herb Martinez Park on Camino Carlos Rey for 12 years. I am an elderly woman with two small dogs. Year after year, I have seen the park become a meeting place for drug and alcohol addicts, as well as homeless people sleeping overnight and during the day.

My family and I have called the Santa Fe Police Department as well as Parks and Recreation on many occasions to report our concerns.

Now we have a homicide in that cul-de-sac next to the park (“Slain dad remembered for his love of outdoors,” Aug. 1). It is definitely a root problem that folks are so desperate and needy that they turn to this way of survival. Still, we have to have our lives protected from their desperate behavior.

Patricia Marciano

Santa Fe

Tennis anyone?

Local readers of The New Mexican who enjoy sports might be interested to know that there is free drop-in tennis from 10 a.m. to noon Sunday and Monday at Salvador Perez Park’s public courts, at the corner of St. Francis Drive and Alto Street, organized by Community Tennis of Santa Fe, through Aug. 26. If you have questions, please call Jon Blakely, a member of our executive committee at 734-255-5257. All are welcome.

Paul Hodapp

Santa Fe

A fading vision

We have become overwhelmed by the daily atrocities perpetrated by our “Manchurian Candidate” president and his minions. A few examples are: snatching children from their parents to use as pawns; the Trump-Putin love-fest meeting in Helsinki; gutting health care; aggressively removing critical safety and environmental protections. The list goes on.

But the recent breast milk fiasco at the United Nations World Health Assembly in Geneva was shocking even by the above (lack of) standards (“Breastfeeding clash with U.S. shocks health officials,” July 9). All studies have shown that natural breast milk is healthiest for babies, but U.S. delegates insisted on protecting corporate infant formula profits rather than baby health. They also threatened to pull financial and military support to small, poor countries that didn’t comply. This is an atrocious example of our bully president’s methods.

We have become a poor country ourselves, since equality, justice, compassion and basic morality are missing from our leaders and some of their followers. We the people are mourning the loss of our Founding Fathers’ vision. Donald Trump’s empty words and vicious actions threaten that vision every day.

Mary Ellen Duran

Santa Fe

All voices matter

Milan Simonich’s recent column (“Testimony against Trujillo is convincing,” Ringside Seat, July 29), is a cringe-worthy example of sexism. Milan writes that he finally believes Laura Bonar’s sexual harassment accusations against Rep. Carl Trujillo primarily because he believes the testimony of one man, Gene Grant, who was involved with Bonar at the time and in whom Bonar confided. There was not a single mention of the other witnesses, several of whom were women, also deemed credible by a subcommittee of the Interim Legislative Ethics Committee. Milan writes that Bonar’s ex-boyfriend is “the most important witness,” “fair-minded,” someone Milan knows and respects. Yet the female colleagues and associates that Bonar confided in, who also gave their version of events to the committee, did not even warrant a single line of text. We deserve full and accurate reporting on this critical issue facing our state Legislature, not boys’ club punditry.

Madeleine Mahony

Santa Fe

For the record

I would like to go on record that I am against all grocery shopping ID laws.

Richard Wilson

Santa Fe

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