Cutting Through the Clutter: Jan. 22, 2019

January 22, 2019

So how do you like my new mantra? Are you wondering what “IT” is? “IT” is everything you own! And my mantra are the steps to getting it organized.

It’s a new year and time to start making changes. If you follow this mantra, you should be on your way to an organized 2019.

Starting with ‘clear it’

With all organizing projects the first and most important step is to clear out the clutter. Yep, I mean get rid of everything you no longer need, use or love. What do you do with it?

Well, if it’s garbage, throw it away or recycle it. If it’s something that someone else can use and appreciate more than you do, then pass it along. This might be passed along to someone you know or a charitable organization. Either way, it is no longer in your possession and you will not need to do the next three steps to it!

Then, ‘sort it’

You all know what that means. Put like things together or as I like to say, put friends with their friends. Items that are used together should be put together. Items that are similar enough need to be sorted together. Make piles of these items in their categories.

Then, ‘stack it’

Stack it? Now that’s a new phrase. I’m referring to a couple different things here. When you are sorting, you should be piling things together in a stack. This helps you realize how much you have of something. Even though you ‘clear it’, that does not mean you got rid of everything you needed to.

By stacking items it gives you a visual. It might just make you realize that you still have too much of something. Secondly, stack it can also refer to how you might want to store something. For example, so many people do not utilize the vertical space in their closet. If you do more stacking, you have better use of your vertical space.

Finally, ‘store it’

This one is simple. You have cleared out the clutter, you have sorted like items together and you have stacked the items you want to keep because you use them, need them and love them. Now store them all away.

Whew — that was easy! Well, not really, but if you tackle one drawer, shelf or cabinet at a time and go through these steps, it will get easier.

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