Dogs Do Not Belong At Bazaars

August 29, 2018

Editor: In response to the letter regarding a dog not being allowed at a bazaar (July 26), I would like to ask if the writer realizes there are some people allergic to animals. A child could brush up against the dog and end up in the emergency room not able to breathe. Yes it has happened. Also, people that fear dogs give off the same scent as anger and that confuses a dog causing it to attack. The dog could get scared and run away getting hurt or killed in the process. And, there are people that hate dogs and will do much harm to it when you are not looking. I have had family dogs most of my life and love them dearly, but as a responsible pet owner, I would never put my dog in that situation to possibly get hurt or hurt another person. Owners must realize that your pets are not humans, just animals and will act on instinct no matter how family-friendly you think they are. Your dog belongs with your family, not strangers. Ask any veterinarian what a good dog is capable of doing. Anita Grohowski SHAVERTOWN

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