Regarding Post Register article in Idaho State Journal

May 1, 2019

Regarding Post Register article in Idaho State Journal on Tuesday April 23, 2019; “3 percenters rally draws Lt. Gov., E. Idaho Lawmaker” by Nathan Brown.

It’s amazing to see that Idaho is aiding and abetting right wing radical factions, growing bolder in this country, to hold Idaho government positions while promoting government overthrow at the same time. Rep. Chad Christensen, R-Ammon, seems to think he has “god given rights” to bear arms while backing the “Real 3% of Idaho” to protect all of us and the Constitution and Bill of Rights from quite possibly their own overthrow of our government. It seems they spout that somewhere in the Ten Commandments, it has written that their fascist movement as our deliverers along with Moses, as well as god backing them all. Has anyone really checked the water these people are drinking? Is Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin hiring her own personal army by administering oaths to defend the Constitution at the State Capital building, to evidently not only some senators as well as really right fascist wing nuts pounding drums in the name of god? Is that one of the old gods of war in mythology or is it the god that preaches love your neighbor, and all men are created in his image of compassion, peace and love. It appears that people of Idaho may have voted in more than one mistake for representatives in our legislature along with a governor as well who lacks the backbone to help all Idahoans no matter their economic situation or how they voted on their own welfare in this administration. “We the people” expect more from our elected Idaho officials than aiding and abetting the Nationalist, fascist, racist, potentially short time left in office, President of the U. S. A., D. Trump who is also empowered by Russian mass media interference in our national voting systems and media advertising which continues to this day from his friend V. Putin. The corruption of all enablers should be prosecuted in every state that does not back the protection of all voting and non-voting Americans. God gives none of us non-military “rights to govern with a gun”. As it appears even some ex-military have not been assisted in repatriation into a non-violent society or offered enough affordable treatment for the power fetish attached to automatic weapons or the associated attitudes of war. Remember that no one is trying to take away our guns, only that they be used appropriately. Or if that doesn’t work, we all may be issued only a single shot 22 cal. rifle and one bullet, to fulfill our right to bear arms. Wake up. Impeachment and recalls of fanatics can happen in all levels of government and NO ONE is above the laws established in this country. Do not legitimize hate, but uphold our established freedoms and the sovereignty of all American people and their diversity as the United States of America.

Danny Higgins,