Week 8: Annette Lytle

March 9, 2019

Pounds lost this week: +.5

Total pounds lost: 10

We are getting closer to the end and things are feeling really good. I have a feeling that this week we will have a decent sized drop. We changed some stuff up on the diet, ramped things up on the workout side and there were some outside factors as well last week that walking into the gym on Monday felt 10 times better than walking out last week.

Overall things are continuing to move in the right direction and feels like good habits are starting to take hold and are easier to do without having to think about it.

Having the new habits becoming second nature has been a bonus because I will be the first to admit that, especially when it comes to food, I tend to not think and just go with the moment and so having the better habits coming before the old habits is a big step forward.

Nutrition has been the biggest step forward with daily habits. Our main goal this week was to focus on removing any added sugars, which meant eliminating all sugar that isn’t naturally found in fruits. It worked mostly, except for a couple times when eating out and grabbing a drink.

A few places I have found that there are a couple places where there aren’t any drinks that fit into the diet plan. So, the sugar level took a bit of a hit there.

Figuring out the vegetables has been a little different, I am extremely picky when it comes to different vegetables and so bringing those into each meal has been harder. Vegetables have started taking over my snack cravings, replacing sugary or salty snacks with carrots, broccoli or cauliflower with dip and celery with peanut butter has been great on the weekends, but since I am busier and don’t snack much on the week days figuring out day time veggie servings still has room for improvement.

The workouts are still my favorite part of the challenge. This week we are pushing past limits and having to really work to get my heartrate up.

The last couple weeks I have been at a point in the workout that from previous workouts would have had my heart rate at a certain point and now it is not close to the same level. It has been the hard proof of how far we have come and how much more we get to push now to get to that same level.

Getting to do the harder workouts and sweat it out has been a good release and has helped keep my mind more active and having the energy to get more things accomplished in a day. Overall things are starting to come together and really clicking, so exciting to see what the next several weeks has in store.