Fluffy the dog was a mom’s best friend: Send us your pet rescue stories

November 29, 2018

Fluffy the dog was a mom’s best friend: Send us your pet rescue stories

Fluffy was a Bichon Frise that my husband and daughter came home with from a pet store at Euclid Square Mall on the other side of town. Our daughter and son were still in school at the time. Her friends had dogs, so she wanted one, too.

Fluffy was the sweetest, most well-behaved dog with a wonderful personality and a smile. I always said he smiled! He was eager to please and loved to play with his toys with you. His favorite food was Mighty Dog canned meat and Kibbles and Bits.

The kids grew up, but I still had my best friend -- with a heart full of love -- to be with me wherever I went. Fluffy did not like to go on walks. He always stayed in the yard by me, or by my side on the sofa in the house.

He didn’t like riding in the car or going to the vet. He was also very protective if someone rang the doorbell. He was always by my side, no matter where I was. He knew if I was sad, and gave me a kiss to make it better. He was truly my best friend.

When he was 14, he started to have a hard time walking and just lay under the kitchen table. Finally, we had to have him put to sleep. Our daughter had our first grandson, and we went to visit them in Connecticut. When we returned home, we picked up Fluffy’s ashes in a beautiful, decorated wooden box, and there he remains forever.

I have a wisteria that I had bought several years before, and it had leaves but no flowers. The next day, it was in full bloom when I went out. It is still to this day bursting forth every spring with fabulous blossoms. I still think Fluffy had something to do with it.

He is forever missed.

Marilyn Fabritius,

North Ridgeville

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