Yam Haus, Twin Lakes, and more play the Castle

January 11, 2019

Rochester is yammering for more music, and just in time, Yam Haus is in the house. The poppy electro band will be part of a bill including Rochester’s own Twin Lakes, Breakthrough, and Under the Pavilion.

The sweet concert will be served up on The Castle Community’s third floor on Friday, Jan. 11, with doors at 6:30 p.m. Considering the length of the show, you might even want to stop into the Castle’s basement restaurant Cameo beforehand.

The show started as a glimmer in Nate Pettey’s eye. He’s the bassist for Twin Lakes, a powerful trio that’s gained momentum with regional shows supporting their “Stag” EP. With the kind of camaraderie that does the Rochester music scene proud, he rounded up some local talent that his bandmates and he are “huge fans” of: Breakthrough and Under the Pavilion.

Next, Pettey reached out to Yam Haus, a band building buzz after being named as one of First Avenue’s “Best New Bands of 2018.” Josiah Smith was added as a solo act. Those were the last ingredients he needed to build a scrumptious rock ‘n’ roll show.

“We see The Castle as a phenomenal first-of-its-kind in the area that will thrive and continue to exist only if the community shows them the love they deserve,” Pettey says of the venue.

The headliner for the show, Yam Haus, put out their first album, “Stargazer,” this past June. It’s got a danceable quality reminiscent of Coldplay, Train, or Maroon 5. Some Rochesterites might remember the band from their show for the #GetMeGaryVee afterparty at the Bleu Duck Kitchen this past August.

Yam Haus originated with high school friends but is now all in for their musical endeavor. “All four of us, plus our personal manager, paying our bills doing this full-time is probably what I’m most proud of,” says frontman Lars Pruitt, looking back at the band’s accomplishments in 2018. “Just surviving after taking the leap together. That’s crazy to me,” he adds. Pruitt is ready for Rochester to “Dance, shout, [and] sing along.” “We refuse to not have fun,” he says. “This business is too crazy to not have fun doing it.”

Rochester’s own Breakthrough, with its Christian rock influences and eclectic sounds including everything from fiddle to distorted guitar, is gearing up for the show. PJ Medin, responsible for guitar, bass, and vocals with the band (and an adamant believer that Star Wars is better than Star Trek, as evidenced by the band’s song “Django Fett”), says the show will feature music from their 2018 EP “The Path.” Medin thinks the Castle Community has the potential to “reinvigorate the passion for the local music scene.” He promises the show will be a unique concert experience that doesn’t just offer “regurgitations of the popular market trends.”

Under the Pavillion, a band that performs original “garage rock,” has played shows in both Duluth and the cities this past year, but they’re ready to rock in Rochester. “We hear it all the time that there aren’t any good shows in the area or big names being brought in,” says Pat Obert, the band’s front man. “Go check out the local talent, a lot of it is really good. You might be surprised, and if you support the scene it’ll grow into something bigger.”

The local bands in this show seem to share a common sentiment: as long as we support it, this Castle isn’t a fairytale. It’s our own music venue. Rapunzel let down her hair, and now it’s time for us to do the same for this foursome of fearsome bands. It’s time for a yam jam.

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