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On the Light Side

January 29, 1986

OSSINING, N.Y. (AP) _ The principal of an elementary school has put the lid on the Garbage Pail Kids.

″It’s not the cards, but the fact their presence disrupts the educational process,″ said Bruce Bundy, principal of the 400-student Claremont School, who banned Garbage Pail Kids trading cards from the school, effective Monday.

The cards, manufactured by Topps Chewing Gum Inc. of Brooklyn, depict such grotesque characters as Acne Amy, a pimple-plagued, brace-faced adolescent; Mad Mike, a savage in a leopardskin wielding a sword and an ax; and Wacky Jackie, in a padlocked straitjacket.

The cards are sold in packages of five, with a slab of chewing gum, for 25 cents, said Topps spokesman Norman Liss.

Reports of stolen cards, students spending lunch money on them, and the swapping and selling during classes prompted Bundy’s action.

″I’m not against what’s on the cards or anything, but when the children spend their lunch money or when they’re stolen and you have to deal with all the tears, then something should be done,″ Bundy said. ″When something disrupts the education process, something has to be done.″

Should a student be found with the cards, the cards will be confiscated, Bundy said.


INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - A state senator, hoping to add a ″heavyweight″ to the state Supreme Court, has introduced a proposal to make Chicago Bears football player William ″The Refrigerator″ Perry a member of the court.

Sen. Joseph W. Harrison, a Republican, offered an amendment to add a Justice Perry to the court, during the Senate’s discussion of a measure to increase the number of judges at boxing matches from two to three.

Harrison, a frequent critic of the state judiciary, said the ″General Assembly finds that there always exists a pressing need to place a ‘heavyweight’ on the Indiana Supreme Court.″ He recommended ″the most popular household appliance in America, who warmed the hearts of many Hoosiers that have followed the Chicago Bears.″

Perry grabbed headlines when Bears Coach Mike Ditka made the 310-pound rookie defensive tackle from Clemson a running back in short-yardage situations. Perry scored a touchdown in the Bears’ victory over the New England Patriots in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Harrison, the Senate majority leader, withdrew the proposal after senators enjoyed a laugh.


BAIRD, Texas (AP) - A state technician says a nude scene attached to the end of a videotaped program on drug abuse was not the fault of the lawmaker who provided the tape to a surprised high school audience.

The scene depicting a nude couple in bed was inadvertently attached to a taped drug program sent by Democratic state Rep. Rick Perry to the 26 schools in his district.

The discovery Monday prompted Perry to recall the tapes.

After giving 30 blank tapes to the House Technical Services department to be duplicated, Perry sent copies to schools in Callahan, Haskell, Throckmorton, Young, Shackelford, Stephens, Palo Pinto and Hood counties.

″I can guarantee those tapes were blank when we took them to the House Technical Services,″ said Dusty Garrison, Perry’s legislative aide.

Mike Fickel, director of House Technical Services, said the nude scene was from his personal copy of a movie.

″The scene is from the movie ’1984,′ which we used by mistake. It was my personal tape,″ Fickel said in Austin. ″We used it to tape his (Perry’s) master of the drug abuse program.″

″It was in error. It was very unfortunate because Rick Perry is the injured party and he had nothing to do with this at all,″ said Fickel. ″We are very sorry about it.″

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