Orchids and Onions: Friday, December 21, 2018

December 22, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the new speed limit on South McCulloch and for finally making our children safe from the worst offender. The ticket for speeding in a school zone is expensive and takes the maximum points and raises insurance premiums. It’s still odd about the onion blaming parents; how obtuse can that be?

Onions to the whiners going on and on about the new median. It was long past time for something to be done and once completed the median will be great. In the interim what a perfect time to find new ways to get around town (like Riviera.)

Orchids to Octane Wine Garage for catering our Christmas party and setting up a beautiful display with delicious food that everyone enjoyed. Tamara, Lesa, and Danae where very professional and helpful. They made our night special. Thank you from the Surgery Center

Onions to the man in the check-out line. Your impatient rant was one we would expect from a young child in a toy store…Wishing you a very Merry Christmas...

Orchids to our sanitation service for providing the hazardous waste collection. From the line of vehicles on the street it looked like a great success in helping to save our environment.

Onions to the restaurant manager and owners who chose to terminate some of their best employees during the holidays. Working in a hostile environment isn’t an easy thing to do and they still thrived though it all. Trust and believe there will be presents under the tree no thanks to you.

Orchids to seeing all the smiling faces and sincere friendliness when eating at In-n-Out Burgers. Workers act like they truly enjoy serving customers and making our dining experience pleasant. Thanks

Onions to swap meet restrooms! Very dirty every week, and they smoke on it too! We need help to clean up! Look at our parks restrooms, so proud of it! Please help!

Orchids to John Schneider from the White Sheet, Sarah Dixon from Today’s New Herald, Mayor Cal Sheehy, and all the bereaved moms who made our candle lighting ceremony memorable. As candles were lit, tears flowed but we knew the light would reach our children and let them know they are remembered.

Onions to the governor and the legislators for being true politicians; lying, deceiving, and padding the vehicle fee from $18 to $32.

Orchids to Representative Michelle Ugenti-Rita for telling the truth about the $32 vehicle fee.

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