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Homework Turns Nasty for Reserve Deputy in Training

March 24, 1992

TULSA, Okla. (AP) _ Claudette Selph, training to be a sheriff’s deputy reserve, missed a class on handcuffing techniques, so she hired her husband as a tutor. Big mistake.

John Selph, a Tulsa County commissioner and a deputy reserve on weekends, demonstrated by closing a cuff beyond its last notch on his wife’s left wrist. Then, he spent an hour trying to get the cuffs off.

No luck.

He called other deputies, but they couldn’t explain why his key wasn’t working.

Selph finally took his cuffed wife and the rest of the family to the sheriff’s office. Lt. Roger Fetterhoff had the cuffs off in 30 seconds.

Selph found out later he had two keys to the handcuffs, and only one of them - the one he kept using - didn’t work.

″I was just ready to get those cuffs off, even to the point of going to a welder,″ Mrs. Selph said Monday. ″It makes you feel like strangling your husband.″

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