INDIANAPOLIS (AP) _ A 13-year-old boy spent the weekend unattended in a courthouse cell after a bailiff forgot to check it before going home.

After a court hearing Saturday, Aaron Robinson was locked in the Juvenile Court holding cell with no food, water or toilet facilities. He was discovered Monday morning.

The bailiff, a 10-year employee of the court, was fired.

Aaron had been arrested and taken to the court building Friday night after his mother told police he had stolen her car.

The boy was released after a hearing but feared punishment from his parents and did not want to return home, according to Superior Court Judge James Payne said. So he was taken to a holding cell and was to have been transferred to a detention center on another floor Saturday evening.

``Aaron has not been able to really sleep. I just keep replaying this in my mind: My child beating on the door and no one able to hear his pleas for help. There could have been a fire or he could have had a panic attack,'' said his mother, Pearlinea Robinson.