Why Would Anyone Support Trump?

August 21, 2018

Editor: I am a very vocal and animated foe of the Trump government and I am trying to understand why anyone would be a supporter. I hear their cry to “Lock her up.” I hear the “build the wall” chants. I am trying to be empathetic when I say: “Why?” You said the Mexicans were taking our jobs. Now we have almost full employment and the government is still saying we need to stop the illegals from entering the country. I hear the people that say the illegals are taking our tax money in the form of welfare, medical treatment etc. I hear some talking about how other countries are ripping us off, making it necessary to impose a tariff and stop them from stealing our jobs in the process. However, I never hear anyone saying we need to lock up the employers that hire the illegals. Nor do I hear a cry to stop the wealthy from using loopholes to avoid paying taxes. There surely is no one out there screaming about the injustice of the wealthy taking kickbacks, lying and otherwise cheating us, even down to outright stealing. How long will it take a Trump supporter to look at things honestly and say it is just as crooked for one person as it is for another to be a thief? A thief is a thief and to steal money from the tax base is still stealing. It doesn’t matter if you failed to put the money in by cheating or if you were cheating to take the funds out. John T. Banks WILKES-BARRE

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