Nation must honor asylum seekers -- Winton Boyd

November 7, 2018

In response to the Trump administration’s threats to close off the U.S. southern border to a caravan of families fleeing violence in Central America, the Dane Sanctuary Coalition, united with partners around the country, demands that our administration adhere to U.S. and international law by upholding all people’s right to seek asylum.

We affirm the moral and legal obligation to protect asylum-seeking families.

As an interfaith body, we remember the plight of the MS St. Louis in 1939, when an ocean liner carrying 900 Jewish families seeking asylum were turned away from our shores. This forced them to return to the horrors of the Holocaust. The U.S. asylum system was put into place in the wake of World War II specifically to prevent this kind of travesty from ever happening again. Today, asylum protections offer a last hope for people facing life-threatening situations in their home countries.

The Dane Sanctuary Coalition joins with Church World Service and faith communities across the country to demand the administration uphold our moral and legal obligations to welcome people seeking safe harbor.

The Rev. Winton Boyd, pastor, Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ, member, Dane Sanctuary Steering Committee

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