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Canada Expected To Limit Catching Cod For Personal Consumption

December 18, 1993

ST. JOHN’S, Newfoundland (AP) _ Cod stocks in Atlantic Canada are in such desperate shape that the federal government intends to lower the amount people may catch for their own consumption.

Commercial fishing for northern cod off Newfoundland was banned last year, but a limit wasn’t put on the amount of fish caught for personal consumption. That has led to the sale of thousands of tons of cod on the black market.

Fisheries Minister Brian Tobin is expected to issue new fishery regulations Monday for 1994 on Atlantic groundfish.

Tobin said Friday that the government will stick ″reasonably close″ to the advice of a federal advisory board, which recommended last month that the government continue the commercial ban and strictly limit the recreational cod fishery.

The board also recommended a near-total shutdown of fishing for other groundfish species in Atlantic Canada.

That could mean the loss of hundreds of jobs. Nearly 50,000 fishing and processing jobs already have been lost as a result of the commercial ban.

Groundfish - bottom-dwelling species like cod, haddock, pollock, halibut and flounder - used to account for half the jobs in the East Coast fishery until overfishing, cold waters and other factors devastated the stocks.

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