Beyond The Game Sheet With Kevin SPinozzi

February 3, 2019
Beyond The Game Sheet With Kevin SPinozzi

Hockey players are very serious about their craft, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t allowed to have a little fun. This week, Penguins defenseman Kevin Spinozzi gives us a look at the lighter side of the sport. The team is celebrating some of its past moments in honor of its 20th season. What’s a favorite memory or moment from your own career that stands out? I think as a kid growing up, I got to play for my dad. My dad’s a hockey coach, and I got to play for him once in a tournament. To be able to go on the ice and get instructions from my dad, that was pretty cool and a really important moment for me. But hockeywise, just getting a chance to play pro and make the most of it. Who was your favorite player growing up and why? Growing up, I was a big Chris Pronger fan. He was a guy I definitely looked up to with the way he played. You’re participating in a dream 3-on-3 tournament. Which players, from any era, are you recruiting for your squad? I’d probably take Jean Béliveau and Maurice Richard. Big Habs fan growing up, so being able to play with those two legends would be amazing. What is a typical pregame routine for you? I’m not going to give a Jack Eichel pregame or anything. Get up in the morning, have the same breakfast. Get two eggs over easy. Then, come to the rink and have our morning skate. After our skate, have our team meal, whatever it is. Then, after that, usually take a 1-hour nap. Then come to the rink and get ready to play. (Note: Eichel’s extremely specific pregame routine was featured in a December profile by Sports Illustrated writer Alex Prewitt.) What’s been your favorite city to visit on the road? I want to say Laval, just because it’s home for me and, growing up playing in the Ontario Hockey League, I didn’t have the chance for my grandparents or cousins to come watch me play. Going to Laval, they got to come and watch us. If the team has a long plane or bus ride, what are you doing to pass the time? Netflix, listen to music, or usually try to bring a book or two and try to get through those. What show are you currently watching or have you been really into of late? I just finished “Peaky Blinders,” and I absolutely loved it. It’s amazing. And I also just started “The Tudors.”

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