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Mexico Wraps Up Fireworks Probe

October 29, 1998

MEXICO CITY (AP) _ Authorities on Wednesday blamed an illegal home fireworks factory for an explosion that killed at least six people. But they said no one would be prosecuted because the alleged culprit died in the blast.

The Oct. 13 explosion in Tultepec, 20 miles north of Mexico City, also injured at least 37 people.

Investigators concluded the explosion originated at the house of Lorenzo Urban Sanchez, who violated a permit to make fireworks by storing explosives at home rather than in a workshop in the town outskirts, according to a news release from the federal attorney general’s office.

Urban and his family were killed in the explosion.

Accidents involving fireworks are common in central Mexico. Earlier this week, a firecracker at a festival near Mexico City set off a stack of fireworks, burning 16 people.

In December 1988, a fireworks explosion at Mexico City’s largest marketplace set off a string of fires, killing 62 people and injuring 83.

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