Brave sea cruise leads to murder mystery

February 20, 2019

SPRING VALLEY — Brave Community Theatre of Spring Valley is about to embark on a cruise that involves a murder mystery.

The cruise is the setting for “Buy Land or Sea,” a light-hearted comedy written by Debi Neville, founder of Brave Community Theatre, in 2008 for a regional Realtors holiday party.

The revived play will be presented Friday through Sunday at the Spring Valley Community Center.

“It’s full of parodies and puns,” Neville said. “On the poster we say, ‘This play has no socially redeeming value.’ But it’s February, it’s cold and we just want to have fun with it.”

The cruise ship is full of Realtors who, while at sea, find that a prime piece of property is about to become available. Naturally, they all want a shot at it. Then the murder takes place, and police modeled on the Keystone Cops, and doctors modeled on the Three Stooges, show up.

“I took the traditional icons of comedy and used them for the show,” Neville said. “It’s just a silly comedy. There’s slapstick and a chase.”

As the audience arrives, they will be greeted by the ship’s captain. Refreshments will be served.

There are 14 characters, and over the course of the course of the 90-minute play, apparently four of them become murder suspects. At the end, the audience will be asked to help solve the mystery.