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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items, ADVISORY, GA

March 1, 2019


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for his weekend - March 2-3, 2019.

Moving Saturday


ATLANTA _ City officials are pushing back against a proposal in the Georgia Senate for a state takeover of Atlanta’s airport. Legislation that would create the Georgia Major Airport Authority, a board appointed by state officials to oversee operations at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, passed through a Senate committee this past week. By Ben Nadler. UPCOMING: 400 words. AP Photo.


GAINESVILLE, Ga. _ One of the rainiest winters in recent years has brought the highest water levels in 42 years to Lake Lanier, northeast of Atlanta. The high waters are sloshing onto the yards of homes and overtaking docks and walkways. Some unmoored docks have been seen drifting in the lake.

Information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UPCOMING: 350 words.

Moving Sunday


ATLANTA _ New laws being considered in the Georgia Capitol would regulate electric bikes and scooters in the state, which are also the focus of new rules in some local communities. One of the bills now in the General Assembly would ban users from parking the devices on sidewalks and in other places where they could obstruct pedestrians, cars and trucks.

Information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UPCOMING: 400 words.

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Moving Saturday


MARIETTA, Ga. _ As anyone who has ever wanted to adopt or foster a child knows, the process can be fraught with setbacks, anxiety and a whole lotta red tape. Whether domestic or international, private or via agency, there are reams of paperwork to fill out, home inspections to get the ball rolling, background checks and more inspections. Along the way, all sorts of things can go wrong, leaving would-be parents in limbo, potentially for months and even years.

By Gracie Bonds Staples. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Moving Sunday


GAINESVILLE, Ga. _ One photo on his grandfather’s mantel always drew the eye of a young Gary Entrekin. The photo is perhaps the only one of his great-grandfather William Jefferson Dorsey, who was likely the first Hall County deputy to die in the line of duty.

By Nick Watson. The Gainesville Times.