KCC’s Lifelong Learning Institute offers spring courses

March 26, 2019

The Lifelong Learning Institute at Kankakee Community College offers programs for those 50 and older in Kankakee and Iroquois counties.

Those interested in the courses are invited to meet instructors and learn more about the classes on March 29 from 10 a.m. to noon in the KCC Iroquois Room. Featured speaker will be incoming KCC President Michael Boyd.

The spring LLI session will include a history series on Lincoln’s Funeral Train, Death and the Civil War and Decoration Day: Memorial Day Origins in the Civil War. Other courses include Decorate a Mesh Spring Flower; Traffic Light Eating; A Time to Meditate; Trust Your Gut; Viking Passage; Apprentice Beekeeper; Raising Chickens; Extreme Weather: Floods, Drought, Heat Waves, Cold Waves and Blizzards; The Last Standing Patriot at Gettysburg; Write Your Story and Edit Your Story; Tomato Grafting; Castles and Clans of Scotland; Double Basket Weaving; Frame Loom Weaving; The Real Cinco De Mayo; Extreme Weather: Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Thunderstorms; Group Guitar; Cooking for One or Two; Playing the Ukulele; Waterfalls of Illinois; Hats, Heroines and Cavaliers; Driving the Pacific Coast Highway; The Five Sullivan Brothers; and the Kissing Sailor and Movie Music Romance.

Video lectures, courses taught by professors from across the country, will include Five Films that Changed America; Men, Women and Politics: A World of Difference; Our Five Greatest Presidents ... and Our Three Worst; An Evening with Leonardo da Vinci; and Are the Machines Taking Over? The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.

To register or for more information, visit kcc.edu/comejoinus, email mposing@kcc.edu, kcc.edu/lli or call 815-802-8206.