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Bright and Brief

January 15, 1987

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) _ A federal lawsuit focusing on fertilizers has brought cow manure into the courtroom.

Attorneys for Organic Conversion Corp. of Minnesota Wednesday asked U.S. District Judge Robert Renner to forbid two of its competitors from using the label ″Cow Manure″ on bags that Organic contends contain more peat than manure.

Organic attorney Robert Dygert said calling something ″cow manure″ after it’s been diluted with additives amounts to deceptive trade practices.

But attorneys for Hyponex, a company with manure operations in Wisconsin and Illinois, and Power-O-Peat of Minnesota manure firm, argued that all companies dilute manure for use as fertilizer because pure manure is too harsh.

″Mr. Dygert doesn’t know what manure is,″ argued Hyponex attorney Elliot Kaplan. ″Nobody knows what manure is, so Mr. Dygert would like the court to say what manure is. This request is ludicrous.″

In denying the injunction request, Renner said, ″I know attorneys know a lot about manure. But do you know of any other state that has reached the problem of describing what manure is?″


NEW YORK (AP) - Being a loser isn’t all bad - you actually can win by losing while playing a new daily game in the New York Lottery.

A player trying to pick 10 correct numbers in aiming for the $200,000 top prize and misses every one will receive a consolation prize of $4.

In the ″WIN-10″ game, which starts Monday, a player can win $25 to $6,000 for getting seven, eight or nine out of 10 correct when the top prize is $200,000.

Players choose between three and 10 numbers from a field of 80. Each bet costs $1.

Players selecting three, four or five numbers must have all of them chosen to qualify for a prize. Players selecting six through 10 numbers can qualify for consolation prizes, some of them weighty, for getting some numbers wrong.

For instance, a player who correctly guesses six numbers out of six will receive $1,500 but can receive a consolation prize of $50 for getting five of six correct.

And, of course, there’s that $4 prize for zero of 10. It’s not much, but consider the odds: Only one of every 8,911,711 players will get the grand prize, but one in every 22 will get the booby prize.

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