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Starr Wins Extension Of Ban On Release Of Album

August 24, 1989

ATLANTA (AP) _ Ex-Beatle Ringo Starr won a preliminary court battle today in his effort to block release of an album he recorded in 1987 but now wants to keep out of circulation.

Superior Court Judge Clarence Cooper, who earlier imposed a 30-day ban on distribution of the album, agreed to extend the restraining order until Starr’s lawsuit to kill the album is tried, possibly in October.

The restraining order blocks record producer Chips Moman and CRS Records, base in College Park, Ga., from releasing the album.

Moman has said the record could make $3.5 million if it is released while Starr is on his current U.S. concert tour.

Starr, who recently underwent treatment for alcoholism, has said the record was marred by his drinking problem.

″Certain nights we were all under the influence,″ the former Beatles drummer said in a deposition filed earlier this week.

Starr also is unhappy with the album because he didn’t play the drums on the recordings.

″The drummer (Gene Crispin) did, you know, a fine job, but it wasn’t me,″ he said. ″So the sound is different, the attitude is different.″

Starr said that during the recording sessions with Moman in a studio in Memphis, Tenn., he and the other musicians often drank.

″We would send out for wine, or there would be tequila there or cognac or whatever, you know, anybody felt like drinking, vodka. There was always plenty of alcohol on the premises,″ Starr said.

Moman testified in an earlier hearing that he did not allow liquor in his studio.

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