Neal Larson and the truth

January 16, 2019

I found myself in full agreement with the premise of Mr. Larson’s column today (January 15th), summarized in the last paragraph.

“I don’t have a truth. You don’t have a truth. There’s just…truth. And it’’s more important now than ever.”

The column mentions several names as examples of people who may wish to subjectively offer their views as truth; Oprah Winfrey, Nancy Pelosi, and Hitler.

Mr. Larson may have thought those three were enough to make his point, or may not have had space to add any more to his list, or maybe couldn’t think of any other pertinent examples.

To make his point about those who feel that they are entitled to their own personal definition of the word Mr. Larson writes, “I was reminded this oxymoronic, make-up-as-you-go assertion of truth the past few weeks…”

That was a reference to Nancy Pelosi but also brought to my mind a person who said in a speech a few months ago, “Don’t believe what you see or hear, it’s not the truth.”

I didn’t see that person’s name mentioned in the column.

Carl Anderson,


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