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Yugoslav Develops Anti-Snoring Drug

January 19, 1988

BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) _ A chemist says he has invented an anti-snoring medication that has proven effective more than half the time.

The drug, patented under the name of ″Bocosleep,″ is based on 12 natural components that have no side effects, the Zagreb chemist, Franjo Kajfez, was quoted as telling the Vjesnik newspaper.

″I have been told that people who planned a divorce shelved their separation plans after using Bocosleep,″ Kajfez told The Associated Press Tuesday in a telephone interview from Zagreb.

Kajfez was quoted by Vjesnik as saying the drug ″is based on the presumption that a healthy person snores mostly because the mucous membrane in the nose becomes dry as the result of breathing through the mouth.″

He told AP that Bocosleep was had ″components found in other widely used medication″ but would not disclose the ingredients.

Kajfez said he tested the drug on 1,000 snorers and 558 stopped snoring, Vjesnik reported. It is to be marketed in Yugoslavia in April.

About 200 people who did not respond to his treatment had colds, bronchitis and other throat-related illnesses, Kajfez told AP.

″Do you snore?″ he was asked.

″Who doesn’t?″ Kajfez replied.

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