Denny Hamlin has confidence in NASCAR leadership after France DWI

August 8, 2018

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin, making an appearance at Washington Redskins training camp, said he has confidence in the sport’s leadership.

NASCAR chairman and CEO Brian France announced on Monday he was taking an indefinite leave of absence following his arrest in the Hamptons on charges of driving while intoxicated and criminal possession of oxycodone.

“It’s unfortunate obviously, and he’s got some personal issues he’s going to tend to, but I’m confident in the leadership of NASCAR, and I know all the executives really, really well,” Hamlin said. “I get invited into some intense meetings with them, and I’m very confident those guys can take the reins and do a great job.

“I think the Kennedy family, with Lesa and Jim, are going to do a great job. They do so much work anyway within our sport that I’m really confident they’re going to do a great job.”

Hamlin said he doesn’t foresee any immediate changes to the circuit as a result of the change in leadership.

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