Soybean Yield Improvement Project

March 22, 2019

Spring is coming, so let’s look towards planting season. Nebraska Extension is looking for producers in Butler and Polk counties interested in joining the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network. This network provides an opportunity for growers to get scientific data to their questions. Farmers participation in the on-farm research network have looked at cover crops, foliar fungicides, growth promoters, seed treatments, foliar micro-nutrients, soil fertility, planting and harvesting practices, corn and soybean planting populations, variable rate applications and precision ag technologies.

If you had issues with Soybean Gall Midge last year in soybeans, Nebraska Extension is currently seeking producers with fields in Butler and/or Polk county that experienced yield losses in 2018 from this insect. There are two levels of participations for 2019: The first level involves setting up plots with and without insecticide applications in a field adjacent to last year’s soybean field with damage, plots will be evaluated for larval infestations and collect yield data. The second level involves all the components of level one with the addition of adult emergence cages in last year’s soybean field to monitor weekly for emergence.

We are also looking for 20 farmers in eastern Nebraska to participate in a Soybean Yield Improvement Project. These participants will compare a baseline management with an improved management practice. The baseline treatment consists of late planting (after May 15), no foliar fungicides or insecticides applications, and a seeding rate of 160,000 seeds per acre or higher. This will be compared to the improved treatment, which is early planting (late April/early May), foliar fungicide and insecticides applications, and a seeding rate around 130,000 seeds per acre. Producers participating in this yield gap project will receive some monetary compensation for their involvement.

If you are interested in validating research findings on your own land, contact me at Nebraska Extension in Butler County 1-(402)-367-7410 or email at Melissa.Bartels@unl.edu.