State senator avoids drunken driving trial, issues apology

June 4, 2019

QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts state senator accused of driving drunk has reached a deal with prosecutors to avoid a conviction.

The agreement was announced Tuesday in Quincy District Court as the trial of Democratic Sen. Michael Brady, of Brockton, was about to begin.

Brady apologized in a statement later Tuesday and said he understands he needs help to confront his alcohol abuse problem.

“I’d like my constituents and my colleagues in the Senate to know that I accept full responsibility for my actions that have resulted in today’s decision,” Brady wrote. “I understand the embarrassment that this brings to all of them as well as to my friends and family.”

The deal calls for Brady to be on probation for one year. He was ordered to pay $600 in fines and fees, his driver’s license will be taken away for 45 days and he must attend an alcohol education program.

If he avoids trouble for the next year, the drunken driving charge will be dismissed.

Democratic Senate President Karen Spilka said the Senate takes the Brady matter very seriously and will want to review all the facts laid out in the transcript to make a decision about any possible sanctions.

“I will need to consult the members of the Senate once those facts have been made available to determine next steps,” Spilka said in a written statement Tuesday following the court proceedings.

Brady was pulled over and arrested by Weymouth police in March 2018.

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