Dixon stretches road dollars, adds streets to resurfacing list

September 3, 2018

DIXON – The city is adding streets to its resurfacing project this year after saving about $200,000 with in-house work.

In May, the City Council approved a $1.2 million contract with Martin & Co. Excavating to do this year’s resurfacing package, which included 85 blocks across 15 roads.

It’s part of a 2-year plan to spend about $4.5 million to catch up on resurfacing and create a system for future roadwork based on a citywide street analysis that ranks the condition of the roads. The city originally estimated putting $2 million into resurfacing this year, but the package bid came in lower than expected.

Another seven blocks on three streets were added to list, on Madison Avenue from West Third to West Seventh streets, South Ottawa Avenue from East Second to East Third streets, and Marclare Street from Brinton to North Jefferson avenues.

The savings came from a combination of in-house crews doing work on Americans with Disabilities Act accessible ramps, and not needing as much concrete patching as anticipated, City Manager Danny Langloss said.

The city has been making a bigger push for using its own staff for different projects, such as installing a new water main on Depot Avenue from Fifth Street to Woodlawn Avenue or helping with the City Hall remodel.

Langloss said the shift to doing more work in-house “is paying incredible dividends. We are working to get the most out of every tax dollar.”

The city has been buying equipment the past few years to allow city crews to do more work, including an $110,000 asphalt Zipper bought about a year ago, which strips and pulverizes existing roads to prepare them for resurfacing.

The preliminary list of roads to be resurfaced next year spans about 67 blocks across 11 streets.

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