NORTH SMITHFIELD, R.I. (AP) _ Keith Klockars posed with his Harley-Davidson. Sarah Fagan, 7, wore a pink dress. Four children stood in front carrying placards that read ``2000.''

About 350 of North Smithfield's 10,000 residents huddled together on a town street Saturday for a snapshot of their first hours in the 21st century.

``The people who didn't show up are going to be so disappointed,'' yelled North Smithfield photographer Christine Keene, standing suspended above the crowd on a fire-truck ladder.

People began gathering around noon, drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies the town provided. They signed a keepsake book. Some carried chimes to join the sounding of the town bell. As the shutter snapped, some people yelled ``Cheese!''

``It's a nice, friendly town where people have gotten to know each other,'' said Sue Kiernan.

Her husband, Paul, was less enthusiastic. ``My wife dragged me out,'' he groused.

Tom Mandeville, 55, the fourth generation of his family to live in the former mill town, wanted to show his community spirit before he began his New Year's Day celebrating.

``After this, we're going home to have a martini,'' he said.

Organizers were disappointed that just a fraction of the town participated. But the four women who formed the town's millennium committee said they were glad to have a picture to post at the North Smithfield Heritage Association office.

``We had bigger plans,'' said Louise Van Howe, ``but we're only four little old ladies.''