Monday marks the first day back to school for 2018-19

August 11, 2018

LAUGHLIN — School is less than a week away and with summer vacation in the rearview mirror there are some things both parents and students can keep in mind to help make that transition a little easier.

Teacher Tiffanie Schellie teaches second grade at Bennett Elementary School. The first step is to ensure everyone is registered, she said. Students must be registered for school before starting on Monday, she continued. Parents and guardians can get information regarding registration at ccsd.net/backtoschool.

She said sleep is a key factor. It’s important for children to get adequate sleep, she added.

“When kids don’t get enough sleep, their mind wanders,” she said. That’s true of anyone really, she continued, but that means students can’t focus on learning.

A good way of helping that transition is to start going to bed earlier prior to school starting, Schellie said. It helps prepare them for school and creates routine, she added.

Another helpful tip is to make sure students are eating breakfast, Schellie said. Having full bellies helps them to stay focused and improves learning, she continued.

Schellie suggests parents help students follow the dress code. She said no one wants to see students get hurt by wearing flip flops out on the playground or have to interrupt class time because of attire.

Students are held responsible for getting information that is sent with them home, Schellie said. Parents can help by checking backpacks and checking for packets or other information sent with students, she added.

Overall it’s important for parents to be as on board with starting school again, Schellie said. It’s beneficial for everyone when everyone is on board, she continued.

Some additional recommendations she made include to watch for donation lists teachers have for their classrooms. Anyone who can purchase extra items for the classrooms helps a lot, she said. Items include crayons, glue sticks and more that is used regularly in the classroom.

She said for parents to be on the lookout for some good sales and reduced prices on back to school items. That can help with cost of going back to school, she continued.

If there any additional questions or concerns, she advised parents and guardians to attend the open houses being held this week. Bennett will have their open house from 1 to 3 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10. The school is at 2750 Needles Highway.

The high school, 1900 Cougar Drive, is holding an open house from noon to 2 p.m. Friday, Aug. 10.

Clark County School District has provided the ccsd.net/backtoschool website as a means of getting back to school information for parents and guardians. The website includes information about registration, transportation, food service, school choice, parent resources, safety, the school calendar and useful phone numbers.

The first day off after starting will be Monday, Sept. 3 for Labor Day. Other days off include Nevada Day in October, election day in November, along with Veterans Day and then Thanksgiving.

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