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September 14, 1990

Undated (AP) _ ″You see a lot of diamonds, you see a lot of mink coats, you see a lot of Rolls-Royces, but you don’t see any tomatoes on Michigan Avenue.″ - Steven Balourdos, standing by his decision to plant tomatoes in the midst of the city’s glitzy shopping district.


″We think it’s a victory for a free press and we are going to sell the book again. Orders have increased dramatically, which is what always happens when you try to stop a book.″ - Roy Gainsburg, president of St. Martin’s Press, after an appeals court lifted a ban on publication of a book about Israel’s secret service.


″She’s always been a very aggressive person, eager to prove herself. I remember when she was a little girl and she would be climbing on a chair or something. I would tell her not to and she would say, ’But I can, I can 3/8‴ - Aimee Pratt, whose niece, Sharon Pratt Dixon, is favored to become the next mayor of Washington, D.C.

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