Small train derails in Jefferson

February 22, 2019

JEFFERSON — The Jefferson Police Department and other emergency responders were busy Wednesday morning with a train derailment on the south side of Jefferson in an industrial area of the city.

According to Capt. Dale Lutz of the Jefferson Police Department, the derailment occurred at approximately 8:25 a.m. Wednesday at the Union Pacific railroad tracks over Collins Road.

It involved an engine and a boxcar owned by the Union Pacific. It was not known what the train was carrying, if anything and it did not tip over. The train was pointed south at the time of the incident. Lutz said he was unsure whether the train was moving south, or backing up in a northerly direction, when the derailment occurred.

“There were no injuries,” Lutz said, adding the train went off the tracks about three or four feet.

Investigators were attempting Wednesday to determine what caused the incident, with Lutz noting snow or ice may have been factors, but an investigation would be continuing.

In the meantime, near the location of the derailment on the tracks immediately across Collins Road, business traffic was gaining access to industrial facilities via several detours the police department had in place.

“We notified all the local businesses that the road is closed down, but they are able to get to the places they need to be,” Lutz said, adding the road had been closed at Industrial Avenue and the tracks to Ryan Avenue.

“I just talked to a representative and there is a crane coming, so they hope to have things cleared in about four hours,” Lutz said.

The captain said clearance would likely come at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

“The track is not damaged over Collins Road, but we are not sure about other areas that may have been damaged,” he said. “They are trying to determine what happened and the extent of any damage.”

The cause of the derailment is officially under investigation and Lutz said Union Pacific will be responsible for any repairs that are needed to the area.