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Teacher, students are Clinton’s ‘mystery guests’

February 5, 1997

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Clinton put faces to his call for higher education standards by seating an eighth-grade teacher and two students in the VIP gallery for his State of the Union speech.

Kristen Tanner, a ninth-grader who participated in the Northbrook, Ill., school district’s ``First in the World″ testing, claimed her seat to the right of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. Behind them sat student Chris Getsla and teacher Sue Winski, both from Northbrook’s Stanley Field Middle School, which the president visited last month.

Also in the House gallery at Clinton’s invitation were: Kristen Zarfos, a Connecticut physician fighting for longer hospital stays after mastectomies, and Lillie and Mary Alice Tejeda, the mother and sister, respectively, of Texas Rep. Frank Tejeda, who died last week.

To Mrs. Clinton’s left sat Rev. Robert Schuller, the pastor who suggested that Clinton, in calling for bipartisanship, cite the ``repairer of the breach″ passage from Isaiah 58:12.

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