Elk found dead on Highway 6

October 13, 2018

An approximately 2-year-old bull elk was found dead off U.S. Highway 6 about half-mile west of Adams Central High School Friday morning.

The animal appears to have been struck by a semitruck and was far enough off the road that it didn’t impede traffic, said Jon Bornemeier, dispatcher at Adams County Sheriff’s Office in Hastings.

“That’s the first one (elk) I’ve heard of in Adams County,” Bornemeier said. “It was far enough off the road that it is in no way a traffic hazard, which is our biggest concern.”

No foul play is expected, game warden Eric Javins said Friday morning. Javins, who responded to the scene in his capacity as state conservation officer for Adams, Clay, Webster and Nuckolls counties, said the animal appeared to have been dead several hours.

“It was not recent,” he said. “I would say it was hit yesterday at some point. There’s nothing suspicious about it other than it was struck by a vehicle and died.”

Elk are known to roam, and while it is unusual to see one in Adams County, it is hardly unprecedented, Javins said.

“It’s uncommon but they have been out this way before,” he said. “They tend to travel the river corridors. This one just ended up wandering through that area.”

Its lymph nodes have been sent to the area biologist in Kearney for testing to ensure the animal wasn’t carrying any diseases, Javins said. Such is routine procedure.

Its head was removed by a man who was issued a salvage tag for it. The remainder of the carcass couldn’t be salvaged for meat because of how long it had been dead and possible internal injuries, Javins said.


A second salvage tag was issued for the rest of the carcass Friday afternoon, Javins said.

“It’s not out there any more,’ he said. “They will try to recover everything they can off of it.”

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