Support for mayoral forum

March 19, 2019

Editor, Daily Times:

Someone wrote a letter to the editor last week expressing their desire to see a public mayoral forum prior to the April 2 election as in prior years.

I want to express my support for that forum and encourage both candidates to give the voters a real opportunity to hear their responses to citizens’ direct questions.

Another concern I have since reading that letter: I understand that, traditionally, Watertown has always had at least two or three of these type of forums prior to a general mayoral election. Who and where are the people that organized those held prior to this year’s primary election? Why don’t they want to put the same thing in place before the general election?

It might appear to some of us that there are folks in town attempting to avoid a contest like this to favor one candidate or the other.

My understanding is that Fred Smith has been asked his position and has stated that he would look forward to a forum like this. I have not heard of any statements made by Emily McFarland but I’d assume she would also be anxious to do so assuming the rhetoric on her website is sincere.

It’s easy to hide behind a prepared written response to the newspaper or say as little or as much as desired on your website or in a paid advertisement but to respond in real time to the people you will serve seems to me the very best way for voters to get a real understanding about the candidate’s perspective and the direction they’ll likely take in running the city.

Time is getting short but we’ve got time for at least one or two. Let’s get the first one scheduled as quickly as possible so that we can meet these two candidates up close and personal. Watertown residents deserve no less.

Cheryl Knopp