Hogan Gidley slams BuzzFeed, Michael Cohen over ‘ridiculous’ report

January 18, 2019

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley slammed the BuzzFeed report alleging that President Trump ordered his former personal attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.

Speaking to Fox News Friday morning, Mr. Gidley did not explicitly deny the allegations made in the report, arguing that the White House did not want to dignify the report with a response. Instead, he harshly criticized Cohen, BuzzFeed and the authors of the story.

“The premise is ridiculous,” he said. “We’re also talking about a person like Michael Cohen, who quite frankly, has been proven to be a liar.”

Mr. Gidley said it was ‘ludicrous’ to consider BuzzFeed a credible source after it published the anti-Trump dossier by former British spy Christopher Steele during the 2016 presidential campaign.

A federal judge dismissed the libel suit against BuzzFeed in December 2018.

Mr. Gidley also criticized the reporter for admitting that he hadn’t viewed the evidence himself before publishing.

Anthony Cormier, the co-author of the bombshell report, was asked on CNN’s “New Day” if he reviewed the evidence.

“Not personally,” he said. “The folks we have talked to two officials we have spoken to are fully, 100 percent read into that aspect of the special counsel’s investigation.”

Mr. Cormier went on to describe how his sources worked on the Trump Tower Moscow portion of the investigation and have access to hundreds of documents and interview reports.

“It’s 100 percent,” Mr. Cormier added. “I am the individual who confirmed and verified that it happened. I am telling you our sourcing goes beyond the two I was able to put on the record. We were able to gather information from individuals who know this happened.”

Mr. Gidley said relying on the sources was not enough.

“That’s not news, that’s something he sees and puts out there,” he said. “This is just another in a long line of ridiculouscharges without any corroboration.”

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