Ringgold High School student arrested for hijacking, posting classmate’s photos on social media

March 1, 2019

A Ringgold High School student was arrested for a cybercrime on Feb. 26 after he allegedly hijacked a classmate’s personal photos and posted them on social media.

According to the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department:

Christopher Chase Hunt, 17, of 49 Whitman Street in Ringgold was arrested Feb. 26 on a single count of computer trespass.

Hunt has been released from jail on a $5,000 bond.

Sheriff’s deputies received a complaint on Feb. 25 from a female student who claimed Hunt stole some of her photos a couple of days prior and posted them to social media.

The girl claimed she allowed Hunt to use her Chromebook laptop because he didn’t have his with him, which is how he gained access to her photos.

In her statement, the girl claimed Hunt logged out of her school account, into her personal account, and then pulled several photos of her in a bathing suit from her Cloud storage.

Hunt allegedly put the photos on a group chat on Snapchat, reports show.

Initially, the student told deputies and the school’s administration that she did not wish to press charges against Hunt, be she changed her mind the next day and decided to do so.

During the investigation, a second student was believed to have been involved. That student was claimed to have been shown the photos after Hunt accessed them, but was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing and was not arrested.

When he was being questioned, deputies say Hunt admitted committing the acts he was accused of.

“He (Hunt) stated that he borrowed the complainant’s Chromebook,” Deputy Joshua Shirley wrote in the report. “He stated that he opened the camera roll and saw the pictures. He then stated that he took four pictures and put them on Snapchat.”

Hunt was ultimately taken to Catoosa County jail where he was served with his warrant for the charge.