Following Stormwater Issue

January 26, 2019

Editor: I will only pay what I was supposed to be charged as a stormwater fee, $4.80 per month, which comes to $14.40 a quarter. I was a member of the Sugar Notch council until October and followed this issue very closely. I attended the ceremony on the riverfront two years ago and interviewed some of the officials myself. I reported on this issue throughout the time period until now, and discussed it at the various council meetings and tried to keep our sewers person, James Gallagher, focused on it. My house has a 50-by-50 footprint, plus sidewalks that are the town’s in front and my sidewalks that go down two-thrids of both sides of the house, and a small cement ‘pad’ for gas tanks and to step out of the basement door, in the back. Thus 50 by 50 is only 2,500 square feet and if you count all the sidewalks, maybe that goes to a 3,000 square foot impervious area. Mario Fiorucci Sugar Notch

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