OWENSBORO, Ky. (AP) _ Kentucky Wesleyan College agreed Tuesday to forfeit all men's basketball victories from last season after the NCAA found the school violated two secondary infractions.

The college, which has won eight men's NCAA Division II titles, announced that it will not appeal the NCAA ruling.

The violations stemmed from an investigation into the eligibility of two unidentified transfer players. They were allowed to play last season despite being ineligible, according to a statement from Kentucky Wesleyan President Wesley H. Poling.

``We believed that our former system for certifying the eligibility of transfer student-athletes worked properly and correctly'' in the past, Poling said. He added that the school is revamping its compliance process.

The NCAA declined Tuesday to comment on the violations.

Kentucky Wesleyan was notified of the violations on May 16 by the NCAA, which gave the school a chance to appeal. After the notice, the school ``reviewed additional information'' on the two players' academic records, the statement said.

The punishment includes forfeiting wins from the 2002-2003 season, as well as all titles, awards and trophies won during the season.

Kentucky Wesleyan will only get 10 percent of the NCAA funds it receives for competing in the NCAA Division II Elite Eight tournament last season.