Beech Island woman charged after admitting to stabbing husband

March 1, 2019

A Beech Island woman was charged Monday following a stabbing during a domestic incident involving her husband at a residence on Storm Branch Road.

Phaedra Sirlene Mitchell, 41, is charged with attempted murder, according to jail records.

Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to the incident location around 1:36 p.m. Monday after a 911 caller claimed a man had been stabbed in the back by his wife, according to the report.

Upon arrival, deputies found the victim lying shirtless on his stomach in the driveway, with a “large amount of blood on his back,” police reported.

The victim also had a white rag on his back that was “soaked in blood.”

Mitchell, who was on the scene, was detained and brought into custody for questioning. As investigators walked her past the victim, she reportedly said, “Serves you,” to the victim police stated.

One of the first responding deputies began treating the victim at the scene while waiting for EMS to arrive. The deputy reportedly removed the white rag from the victim’s back, exposing a deep puncture wound.

The victim claimed his wife had locked him out of the house following an argument on the front porch. He then proceeded to climb through their bedroom window to regain access to the home, when Mitchell came into the room holding a knife and stabbed him in the back, according to the report.

EMS arrived on the scene, took over treatment of the victim and transported him to Augusta University Medical Center due to the severity of his injury.

Mitchell told investigators the victim “tried breaking in and I stabbed him,” police reported.

She acknowledged being married to the victim and said they both resided together at the Storm Branch Road residence. During questioning, Mitchell also claimed to be addicted to “pain pills.”

Investigators searched the home and reported seeing blood on the front porch and on the floor leading between the front exterior door and the bedroom where the stabbing took place.

The knife Mitchell used to stab her husband was recovered by police after being located in the kitchen, sitting in the sink.

The man who called 911 was also on the scene, along with his wife, and he told deputies they had both witnessed the incident because they live with the Mitchell’s at the Storm Branch Road residence.

The witness said he was in his bedroom when he heard the victim scream, “Help me,” the report states.

He also claimed Mitchell came out of the bedroom, telling him she had just stabbed her husband and wanted him gone. Mitchell reportedly told the witness and his wife to get out of the house as she was holding the knife; the witness claimed he tried to take the knife from her and pushed her into the kitchen.

During this altercation, the witness’s wife told police she managed to get the knife away from Mitchell, which she then placed in the sink. She also told deputies she observed the victim crawl from the bedroom to the driveway after being stabbed, the report states.

Mitchell reportedly followed the victim outside, where she picked up a crutch and tried to attack him a second time; but, the witness was able to take the crutch away from her before she could use it to inflict any more damage on the victim, police said.

Deputies arrested Mitchell on Monday and found she had an active family court arrest warrant for contempt of court. She was taken to the Aiken County detention center, where she was still being held Thursday afternoon.

A family court judge has sentenced Mitchell on her family court contempt charge, records show.

The extent of the victim’s injuries and whether he is still hospitalized are not known at this time.