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Bush, Gore Win Pa., Wis. Primaries

April 5, 2000

Having secured their party nominations last month, Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush easily won presidential primaries Tuesday in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Both candidates had earned more than enough delegates from primaries and caucuses in other states to lock up the presidential nominations last month. But the Democratic vice president and Republican governor weren’t the only presidential candidates on the ballots in both states.

In Pennsylvania, with 23 percent of precincts reporting, Bush won the Republican primary with 74 percent, or 67,459 votes, according to unofficial returns.

The remaining votes were shared by his former rivals. Sen. John McCain of Arizona had 22 percent, or 19,666 votes; publisher Steve Forbes had 3 percent, or 2,399 votes, and conservative activist Gary Bauer had 1 percent, or 1,352 votes.

On the Democratic side, with 25 percent of precincts reporting, Gore won with 76 percent, or 131,093 votes, according to unofficial results. Former rival Bill Bradley had 20 percent, or 33,824 votes, and perennial candidate Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. had 5 percent, or 7,720 votes.

In Wisconsin’s Republican primary, with 13 percent of precincts reporting, Bush won with 67 percent, or 49,551 votes, according to unofficial returns. McCain had 21 percent, or 15,714 votes, and Alan Keyes, who is still running, pulled 10 percent, or 7,312 votes. Forbes had 1 percent.

In the Democratic contest, with 14 percent of precincts reporting, Gore won with 87 percent, or 65,744 votes. Bradley had 11 percent, or 8,322 votes and LaRouche had 1 percent, or 721 votes.

Tuesday’s results were important despite the lack of drama. Pennsylvania, with 23 Electoral College votes, could be a critical swing state in November. Wisconsin has 11 electoral votes.

Voters in the two states also were electing delegates to the national Democratic and Republican party conventions this summer in Los Angeles and Philadelphia, respectively.

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