NPS piloting new app in event of an emergency

September 25, 2018

NORFOLK - Norfolk Public Schools is piloting a new app called “Lokdown”, a cloud based communication tool used by Building Staff, Administrators, and Emergency Responders to communicate during an emergency.

The app currently being tested out at the Senior High can be used in the event of an intruder, evacuation, generic alert, or medical emergency.

Director of Human Resources and Accreditation Mike Hart says the app is just another way Norfolk Public is trying to stay ahead of the game to be as safe as possible.

“The overall goal is we’re really trying to minimize the time that passes between the initiation of an event whether it’s a fire drill, an evacuation, or some type of intruder.

Hart says the idea, once all of the bugs are worked out is to get it to all building staff so no matter what happens they are responding quickly and effectively to any type of emergency situation.

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