Food choices galore at the Skagit County Fair

August 11, 2018

MOUNT VERNON — With 17 vendors at the Skagit County Fair this year, attendees have plenty of food and drink options to choose from while taking in the sights.

From creative corn dogs to fried desserts, here’s a slice of what fairgoers can expect to find:

Tostitos locos

Fans of local food trucks may already have heard of Antojos Locos, a 2-year-old truck regularly found in front of K-Mart in Burlington.

This is Antojos Locos’ first year at the Skagit County Fair, and it brings a mix of spicy and sweet to the table in the form of “Tostitos locos,” or crazy Tostitos.

Cucumbers, jicama, pork skins and Chaca-Chaca candy are added to an opened bag of Tostitos, then served.

Cynthia Barajas, an Antojos Locos employee, said her favorite snack to cool off with is the Sandia Loca — a plate of small, sliced watermelon served with jicama, mango and cucumber.

Irish Guinness beer brat

Corn Dogs of the World, a fan favorite fair vendor, has been coming to the Skagit County Fair for more than a dozen years, manager Bob Norris said.

The stand offers eight different kinds of foot-long corn dogs, which include the classic Polish, Wisconsin cheddar, Texas chili and Irish Guinness beer brat.

Covered in a beer-based batter, the Irish Guinness beer brat corn dog is fried for about 2 minutes, then served.

Norris said he recommends pairing the corn dog with brown mustard.

“The dog ends up being really sweet, so the spiciness of the brown mustard offsets that real well,” he said.

Peanut butter bacon bombers

For 42 years, Hazel’s Diner has sold its classic Canadian bacon burger at the Yakima Fair. This year, Skagit County Fair attendees will get a taste of that classic, as well as some new creations.

Last year, Hazel’s Diner unveiled its peanut butter bacon bomber — a fried peanut butter dessert on a stick — at the Yakima Fair.

Kim Kelley, a cook with Hazel’s, said they’ve been a hit so far.

“(It’s) a heart attack waiting to happen. But it’s the fair,” co-owner Eric Barber said of the fried food.

Shaved ice

Bellingham’s own Kona Ice brought their colorful mix of 18 flavors to the fairgrounds this week.

Fairgoers are able to mix and match flavors, such as LuckyLime and Tiger’s Blood, to one of four sizes of shaved ice.

“We originally had 50 (flavors), but we had to cut it down because we couldn’t have people waiting too long in line,” said owner Dianna Kleindel.

Kleindel said Kona Ice also offers three sugar-free flavors.

The Skagit County Fair runs through Saturday.

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