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March 6, 1997

NEW YORK (AP) _ Riddick Bowe is anxious to give the Marines another try, if the Corps will have him.

``All I think about is becoming a Marine,″ Bowe said ``I really would like to be a Marine and make the Marine Corps proud. If they gave me another opportunity, I know I can do it.″

The former heavyweight champion left Marine Corps Reserves after two or three days of training Feb. 20, and 10 days after arriving at boot camp in Parris Island, S.C.

He said he could not get used to the drill instructors telling him what to do every moment, although he knows now, ``it was not personal. They were only doing their jobs.″

``Next time, if they give me another chance, I’ll know what to expect.″

Bowe told the Daily News he was not kicked out.

``The Marine Corps and I, we came to an agreement, and I got a general discharge.″


NEW YORK (AP) _ Lou Holtz had some pretty impressive numbers at Notre Dame _ 11 years as head football coach, 100 victories, one national championship. On TV, it’s a little different story.

``I’m an unknown quantity,″ said Holtz, who was introduced on Thursday by CBS as its newest college football analyst. ``If you look at my statistics, I’m nothing special _ small, wears glasses, has a lisp _ but I hope this is what I’m going to do for the future. I did sign a longterm contract.

``I had no idea I’d be doing TV, nor did I ever believe a guy with a lisp would be in demand.″

Holtz, who resigned as Notre Dame coach after last season, will join co-analyst Craig James and probably Jim Nantz on a new, half-hour studio show, ``College Football Today,″ beginning with CBS’ first game on Sept. 13.

Holtz said he didn’t expect to go back to coaching in the foreseeable future, ``but I never say never.″

Holtz said ``people did express interest in me″ as a coach after he resigned, but he never pursued it.

``It wasn’t a case where they were beating down my door because when I left Notre Dame, I didn’t expect to go back into coaching,″ Holtz said.


OSAKA, Japan (AP) _ Wakanohana could make sumo history for his family in the tournament starting Sunday. If he wins, he and Takanohana would be the first brothers ever to hold the sport’s top rank at the same time.

Two consecutive tournament titles usually bring promotion to yokozuna, or grand champion, sumo’s highest ranking and one Takanohana already holds. Wakanohana, who won the last tournament in January, could gain promotion by winning 14 of his 15 bouts, even if he doesn’t capture the championship.

At least 40 sets of brothers have wrestled simultaneously in past tournaments, but none has ever been grand champions at the same time.


SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) _ Northport High School has a women’s team in the state Class B basketball tournament, but no band to root it on. Liberty High in Spangle has a band but no team in the tournament.

So they adopted each other.

When the Northport girls take the floor in the Spokane Arena, the 75-member Liberty High band belts out fight songs.

``We’ve never played in front of a band before,″ said Northport cheerleader Raquel Gallardo. ``When I first saw them I got really nervous.″

Debbie Farka, a Spangle saleswoman is credited with bringing the schools together, even though the towns are 150 miles apart.

Liberty has 200 students and 120 are in the band. Not everyone could make the trip to Spokane, though. They all couldn’t fit on the bus.

The band is pulling for their new team to win. Another loss in the double-elimination tournament and the Mustangs and Lancers go home.

``This is just too much fun,″ said band member Jonathan Farka.

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