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New Mexico offers shelter, but dorms stay vacant

June 13, 2019

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — No migrants have stayed at state fairground dormitories in Albuquerque six weeks after New Mexico began offering the facilities as a possible temporary shelter for asylum seeking families.

Expo New Mexico spokeswoman Oona Gonzales on Wednesday said that the state remains on standby if the fairground dormitories are needed by migrants as they seek out their final destinations elsewhere in the U.S.

In May, a film production company briefly worked out of dormitories that are equipped for up to 60 people, but otherwise the dorms have been available.

New Mexico and Albuquerque last week filed suit against the Trump administration to stem the quick release of migrants that has strained public and charitable resources in southern New Mexico communities including Las Cruces and Deming.

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