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Two Botticelli Paintings Restored

February 24, 1987

FLORENCE, Italy (AP) _ The Uffizi gallery unveiled two newly-restored 15th century masterpieces by the Renaissance artist Botticelli, his ″Annunciation″ and ″The Birth of Venus.″

The two paintings were restored over 11 months with the aid of ultraviolet and X-ray photography and chemical analyses, and were unveiled Monday. They will go on public display starting next Monday.

″The Birth of Venus,″ painted about 1485, is one of the first large-scale Renaissance oil paintings and is stylistically related to Botticelli’s previously-restored ″Spring.″

Some critics believe the ″Annunciation,″ painted in about 1488, was a collaboration between Botticelli and his students. The restoration of this painting to its original brilliant colors involved removing a worm-infested layer of paint superimposed on the original in the 19th century.