Walker abandoned his principles -- Rick Kirkpatrick

January 19, 2019

During his quixotic presidential campaign, former Gov. Scott Walker briefly saw the truth and thought telling that truth to the people would get him elected president.

Sadly for him and everyone else, the majority of Republicans had fallen for the lies and exaggerations of President Donald Trump, a despicable con man. The truth did not serve Walker.

Apparently, the lesson learned by Walker was to subsume whatever ethics and principles remained.

The announcement he will head Trump’s 2020 campaign in Wisconsin is the final proof he has completely abandoned principle in a feeble attempt to further his weak and dying political career.

We, the sane rest of the country, can only hope Walker has attached his flag to a sinking ship and will quietly disappear after President Trump is dragged -- kicking and screaming, threatening and blustering -- through the White House doors.

Rick Kirkpatrick, Madison

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