Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside county property transfers for May 4, 2019

May 4, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of April 22-26

Warranty deeds

Jan C. and Beverly I. Francque to Arlene E. and Charles A. Rogers Jr., 1201 E. Fourth St., Sterling, $90,000.

Mark P. and Greg I. Dykema and Gayle E. Swigart to Martha J. and Jon R. Kophamer, one parcel in Mount Pleasant Township and two parcels in Hopkins Township, all farm land, $1,184,976.

Mark P. Dykema to Mark P. and Lavonne K. Dykema, three parcels of farm land in Hopkins Township, $0.

Zachariah Knox, Ralph Lamb, Eva Lynn White and Donnie Lamb Estate to Zachariah Knox, 1300 W. U.S. Route 30, Rock Falls, $0.

Rodney J. Hostetler to Joel D. Baker, one parcel of farm land on Hoover Road near Tampico, $896,944.

Rusty L. and Kristi Jo Packer to First Trust and Savings Bank, one parcel of farm land in Fenton Township, $0.

Mark P. and Greg I. Dykema and Gayle E. Swigart to Mark P. Dykema, three parcels of farm land on Holly Road near Morrison, $1,261,388.

Christine L. Meier to Douglas B. and Patricia A. McConnaughay, 1807 20th Ave., Sterling, $68,900.

Community State Bank to Kimberly A. Conklen, 1005 Charles St., Rock Falls, $45,000.

SMC Rental Properties LLC to Quinn M. Wilkin, 500 Sixth Ave., Fulton, $115,000.

Lori L. Swanson to Jason R. Wetzell, 306 Lafayette St., Prophetstown, $118,000.

Timatt Real Estate Master Series LLC Series 1 to Kilday Properties LLC, 205 W. Second St., Rock Falls, $140,000.

Timothy M. and Sheri Miller to Jennifer Kepner and Travis Goossens, 22477 Star Road, Tampico, $127,000.

Hannah S. Papoccia to James T. Moorehead, 1905 E. Sixth St., Sterling, $61,900.

Mary Rita Corrigan to CME Enterprises LLC, 1106 Ave. C, Sterling, $0.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC, doing business as Mr. Cooper, to 804 Freeport LLC, 2304 Spring St., Sterling, $15,280.

WC Sterling LLC to Jennie I. Brauer, Robert V. Martin and Shirley A. Samson, 906B Coventry Lane, Sterling, $129,600.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Darren L. and Leslie L. Miller, 1108 First Ave., Sterling, $31,500.

Charles G. and Neva Jean Emery to Phalen Vancil, 15590 Lomax Road, Prophetstown, $230,000.

Phalen D. and Audre Vancil to Bruce A. Peltier, 205 S. Main St., Tampico, $96,500.

Samantha Quam to Thaddeus J. Musyl, 1206 12th Ave., Sterling, $102,000.

City of Rock Falls to Timothy Hodgson, 241 Ave. F, Rock Falls, $5,241.

Todd B. and Julie A. Mickley to Kent E. and Lorna Temple, one parcel of farm land on Norton Road near Morrison, $59,600.

George H. and Linda L. Heerdt to Steven Heerdt, 609 E. Fourth St., Rock Falls, $80,000.

Brian and Angela M. Meinsma to Kyle A. Meurs, 309 Ash Ave., Morrison, $101,000.

Drummet Hardware Inc. to Keith E. and Lydia B. Crady, 317 Washington St., Prophetstown, $45,000.

Alex Joseph and M. Michele Becker to Kelsey J. Snyder, 16020 Strawberry Road, Morrison, $125,000.

Quit claim deeds

Gerry K. Frank to Todd K. Frank, 308 N. Lincoln St., Tampico, $0.

Amanda K. and Margaret L. Hatten, now Wood, to Mark R. and Margaret L. Wood, 104 Glassburn St., Tampico, $0.

Marion Sterenberg Trust to Carolene Sterenberg, one parcel of farm land in Garden Plain Township, $0.

Carolene Sterenberg to Marion Sterenberg Trust, one parcel of farm land in Garden Plain Township, $0.

Michael Spangler to Valerie Graham, 1324 14th Ave., Fulton, $0.

Isabel Garza to Fabian Garza, 1108 Griswold Ave., Sterling, $0.

Carol S. Howard to Mark A. Howard, 7730 Kelly Court, Erie, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Elmer M. Manon Trust to Kevin M. and Kayla I. Manon, 1308 12th Ave., Sterling, $25,000.

Ronald G. and Dixie L. Vegter Trust to Rene Renkes, 13551 and 13555 Treva Drive, Morrison, $0.

Dorothy L. Johnson Trust and Johnson Family Trust to Daryl G. and Tamara Hayen, 21300 Covell Road, Chadwick, $245,000.

Executor’s deed

Marilyn L. Montgomery Estate to Debra J. Krughel, 1421 10th Ave., Fulton, $107,500.


Roxanne R. Wancket to James A. Wancket, 3101 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $0.

Rodney J. Hostetler to Hostetler Family Trust, Jesse E. and Kendra E. Hostetler, trustees, four parcels of farm land on Hoover Road, Deer Grove, $433,671.

Source: Whiteside County Recorder’s Office

Lee County property transfers recorded week of April 22-26

Warranty deeds

Fifth Third Bank to Renea McHugh and Daniel Piotrowski, 720 S. Jefferson Ave., Dixon, $47,450.

Amboy Hawley LLC to Kenneth W. Arwood, 86 W. Hawley St., Amboy, $290,000.

Gary L. and Jody A. Wolf to Center Creek Farms LLC, one parcel in Nachusa Township, $0.

Christine Fiorite and Richard Nickell to Richard R. Hardt and Mary Salvadore, block 3, lot 36, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

Michael L. Tunget to Raymond Delgado Jr. and Jordana A. Rodriguez, block 4, lot 8, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $7,500.

Roberto Martinez to Ernesto Salazar, block 22, lot 15, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

RMAC Trust Series 2016 CTT and U.S. Bank National Association, trustee, to Peter W. Zaeske, 3016 Welland Road, Earlville, $150,000.

AJ Homes LLC to Celina J. and John Bloom, 605 Main St., Ashton, $16,000.

Broad Street Funding Trust I to Jodi Horner, 411 E. Main St., Amboy, $3,800.

Katy J. Keller, formerly Lillyman, to Beverly E. Ballard, 621 Carroll Ave., Dixon, $35,000.

Marion L. Wilson, now Younger to Michelle M. Burns and John D. French, 609 Depot Ave., Dixon, $68,000.

Ganganbaigali Purev and Giuseppe S. Mazzarisi to Heidi Cornelius, 374 Rock Island Road, Dixon, $199,000.

AJW4 LLC and Anita, Joseph K, Wagner to Joseph Kent Wagner III, 615 Logan Ave., Dixon, $46,000.

Kathryn A. Martin to David and Kelsey Cheatwood, 117 S. Lincoln Ave., Dixon, $85,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Angela and Mark McLane, 316 Lincoln Hwy, Franklin Grove, $33,600.

Woodhaven Association to Christopher Gonzalez, block 19, lot 50, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,200.

Nelia Hernandez to Tammie M. Locher, block 27, lot 82, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Midwest Tulsa Property Inc. to Michelle Ferrara, block 9, lot 48, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,500.

Midwest Tulsa Proprty Inc. to Jose Carrillo, block 17, lot 163, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $3,400.

Steve Gilmore to Village of Compton, 221 Third St., Compton, $0.

Quit claim deeds

Village of Compton to Steve Gilmore, block 7, lot11, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Joseph C. Eskew to Jamie L. Eskew, 121 W. Kirke Gate, Lee, $0.

Anthony and Erica Edlund to Anthony Edlund, 1771 Ashton Road, Ashton, $0.

Twardowski Family Trust, Geraldine Twardowski, trustee, to Regina R. Smith, 1982 Herman Road, Ashton, $0.

Penny Kyker to Jeffrey L. Reed, 922 W. Seventh St., Dixon, $0.

Cara Egan, Brian R., Brittany A., Camden, Charles, Randy and Robin Olson and the late Billie J. Tincher and Donald E. and Larry J. Tincher to Brian R. Olson, trustee, Evan T and Jordan A. Olson, block 5, lot 431, Woodhaven Lakes, $0.

Jason and Teresa Flores to Domingo Rodriguez, block 25, lot 86, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Mary F. Burgess to Davis L. Johnson, 588 Panther Drive, Dixon, $90,000.

Trustee’s deed

Eunice A. Rogers Trust, Neal F. Rogers, trustee, to Rilee S. Burke and Nathaniel Rogers, 3330 Chicago Road, Paw Paw, $80,000.

Bruce Keller, trustee, Timbercreek Trust No. 84, Edwin D. Yingling, trustee, to Jill Engelbrecht, 726 Yingling Drive, Dixon, $12,000.

Derrick S. Berlin Revocable Trust, Derrick S. Berlin, power of attorney, Derrick S. Berlin, co-trustee, and Richard A. Velez Revocable Trust, Richard A. Velez to Darlene L. and Francis R. Mucci, block 14, lot 2, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

Moore Family Trust, Dennis L. and Pamela J. Moore, trustees, to Pamela J. Family Trust, Pamela J. Moore, trustee, 220 E. Boyd, $0.

Paul E. Giblin Trust, Patrick Shawn Giblin, trustee, to Julie Kruse and John Workman, one parcel in Amboy Township, $6,000.

Benedicta Rodriguez Land Trust No. 1, Benedicta Rodriguez, trustee, to Jason Galarza, block 29, lot 123, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $6,000.

Tax deeds

Lee County clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 9, lot 48, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Lee County clerk to Midwest Tulsa Property Inc., block 17, lot 163, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Lee County clerk to Realtax Developers LTD, 618 Douglas Ave., Dixon, $0.

Lee County clerk to Realtax Developers LTD, block 51, lot1, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Administrators deed

The late Mary Ann Sebastian, Michael H. Sebastian, administrator, to Michael H. Sebastian, block 8, lot 56, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Source: Lee County recorder’s office

Ogle County property transfers recorded week of April 22-25

Warranty deeds

Jean W. Simons to Joanne M. Besonen, 9023 E. Scott Road, Scott Township, $120,000.

R. Brad Long to Shayne N. Wheat and Bebekah D. Mattus, 1606 N. Maryland Road, Lincoln Township, $85,000.

Travis E. Linboom to MDS Rental Properties LLC, 8078 S. Green St., Grand Detour, $44,000.

AM Kerns Construction LLC to J. Rodney and Mary J. Anderson, 710 N. Third St., Rochelle, $160,000.

Huizinga LLC to Top Crop Farms LLC, 13206 E. Bethel Road, White Rock Township, $2,726,500.

Edward B. O’Connor to Isaac Salido, 107 Windover Park Drive, Rochelle, $175,000.

Tracy C. Mays and James W. Philips to Hunter T. Hake and Hannah M. Curry, 308 N. Hickory Ave., Forreston, $142,000.

Helen Cramer to Michael J. and Audrey I. Groom, Leaf River Township.

Michael Q. and Brittany Chisamore to Christopher S. Neisendorf, 4500 S. Skare Road, Flagg Township, $160,000.

Quit claim deeds

Keith K. Kane to Joseph T. Kane, 224 N. Daysville Road, Oregon, $0.

Brent E. Rutherford to Ann M. Rutherford, 1000 N. Etnyre Terrace, Oregon-Nashua Township, $0.

Trustee’s deeds

Ellen P. Scherger, trustee of Ellen P. Scherger Trust and successor trustee of Bruce E. Scherger Trust, to Michael and Brett Bunger, 5841 S. Watertown Road, Pine Rock Township, $75,000.

Shirley J. Johann, trustee of Shirley J. Johann Trust No. 96, to Todd M. and Mary R. DeVries, 7485 N. Stillman Road, Marion Township, $100,000.

Jeff A. Rolczynski and Sherry L. Rolczynski, co-trustees of Rolczynski Family Revocable Trust, to Walter K. M. Campbell, 360 Lily Circle, Davis Junction, $192,000.

John G. Huftalin, trustee of Trust No. 101, and Jo Anne K. Huftalin, trustee of Trust No. 102, to AG Products Co., 240.5 acres on Twombly Road, Dement Township, $4,597,010.

Sheriff’s deeds

Ogle County sheriff and Gary A. Covell Sr. to MTGLQ Investors LP, 302 S. Fourth St., Oregon.

Ogle County sheriff and Roger Sr. and Edith M. Ullmark to The Bank of New York Mellon, trustee for CWABS Inc., 107 W. Second St., Lindenwood.

Source: Ogle County Recorder’s Office